Experts in Package Testing and design evaluation.
We test packaged-products utilizing ISTA Procedures, ASTM D4169 and more.

Who We Are

We have an independent, third-party transport packaging center with the equipment needed as a world class packaging center.

Our Equipment

We only use state of the art and advanced equipment to test packages and their material durability, as well as their durability during the shipping process.

Our Tests

Our innovative and efficient testing systems ensure your packaging withstands events associated with the shipping process.

Experts in Package Testing and design evaluation.

Testing your packaging is essential to ensure it withstands typical events like shipping, handling, and storage. This process is crucial not only for assessing the durability and effectiveness of your packaging solutions but also for safeguarding the integrity of your products throughout their distribution journey. By identifying potential weaknesses early, you can make necessary adjustments to improve resilience and performance, thereby preventing damage and loss. Effective package testing also helps in meeting industry standards, ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering products in optimal condition. It aligns with regulatory requirements and enhances your brand’s reputation for quality and reliability.


Providing Unmatchable Facilities & Services

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